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Habanero Chili Mix 105g

Habanero Chili Mix 105g

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The Habanero Chili Mix is ​​an exciting mixture of different Habanero varieties that offer a unique variety of flavors and spiciness. Particularly noteworthy is the famous Seven Pot Chili, which gives this mix extreme spiciness and has an impressive 550,000 Scoville.

The combination of different habanero varieties creates an intense taste experience in which the fruity aromas of the chilies combine with their fiery spiciness. The Habanero Chili Mix is ​​perfect for refining dishes that require a spicy note, such as hot sauces, marinades or spicy dips, but also for pasta and pizza for those who like it extremely spicy.

With the Habanero Chili Mix you can let your creativity run wild in the kitchen and give your dishes a fiery spice. Enjoy the special kick and the intense flavors of this hot chili mix and let its spiciness delight you. A must for all lovers of spicy taste experiences!

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