About Us

Our family moved from Switzerland to Tuscany in 2019 together with our dogs and cats. When we saw Podere i'Laghi it was love at first sight and we knew we wanted to grow old among the olive trees. Living in Tuscany is a privilege and every day we get to know the country and culture better. As big chili lovers, we started exploring growing chili on our property and it worked. Our chili is grown with love and dedication and we want to share it with you.


Our focus is on sustainability and animal welfare. We only use regional or organic products. We believe that natural farming methods provide the best results and protect our environment and animals.

Using regional ingredients has several advantages for us. On the one hand, we support local farmers and companies, which helps strengthen the regional economy. On the other hand, we can ensure that our ingredients are fresh and of the best quality because they have short transport routes.


It is important to us to be transparent and show you where our ingredients come from. You can trace the origin of most of our products and also visit our suppliers and see for yourself. We want you to feel confident that you are enjoying high quality, fresh products.


However, there is one exception in our range - our Asian chili sauce. For this sauce we use soy sauce that is not regional or organic. This is because soy sauce is a specific ingredient imported from Asian countries and plays an important role in the authentic taste of the sauce. However, we make sure that the soy sauce we use is of the highest quality.

We are proud to offer you chilis and sauces made with love and care. Our commitment to quality and freshness is reflected in every product we offer you. Enjoy the variety of flavors and the carefully selected ingredients of our chilies and let us take you on a culinary journey.