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Habanero Limone Chili 105g

Habanero Limone Chili 105g

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The Habanero Lemon is a unique variant among the Habanero varieties that surprises with a pleasant lemon note. At 350,000 Scoville, it is somewhat milder than other habanero varieties, but is still a very hot chili that combines a fruity spiciness with a refreshing citrus note.

Its special aroma makes Habanero Lemon a popular ingredient in Caribbean cuisine, especially in Trinidad, Tobago and Jamaica. It is ideal as a spicy addition to fish dishes or to the traditional dishes of these regions.

The Habanero Lemon not only gives the dishes an intense spiciness, but also a fruity freshness that makes them a taste highlight. Try this unique chili and let yourself be enchanted by its special lemon note. A must for everyone who likes to enjoy hot and spicy foods and wants to discover new taste experiences!

However, it should be noted that the Habanero Lemon is not suitable for sensitive palates. Therefore, use it with caution and dose it according to your personal taste.

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