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Tuscan Dragon

Delicato Piccante 250ml

Delicato Piccante 250ml

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Our Delicato Piccante is a mild chili sauce and the perfect addition for anyone who loves the taste of chili but prefers something milder. The Delicato Piccante can be used directly as a sauce for pasta and for those who prefer it spicier, any Tuscan Dragon chili can be added. With our unique recipe, we have developed a chili sauce that combines a very mild spiciness with a slightly sweet note. The Delicato Piccante is available in 2 varieties: red and yellow, depending on the harvest. Both variants are very mild.

The basis of our sauces are sun-ripened tomatoes that are carefully selected and come from Tuscany. By adding mild chili peppers we achieve a very mild spiciness. Our mild chili sauce is also an interesting alternative for chili lovers who like it spicy. You can spice up the sauce as you like with other spices and the hot varieties of Tuscan Dragon chilis and thus adjust the spiciness individually. This gives you full control over the taste and allows you to refine your dishes according to your personal taste.

Our mild chili sauce is an excellent ingredient for a variety of dishes. Whether as a base for a spicy pasta or pizza sauce, as a dip for nachos and vegetable sticks, sandwiches, burgers, fish or as a secret ingredient in soups and stews - the possibilities are endless. It gives your dishes a pleasant spiciness and the typical taste of chili, which gives every dish that certain something.

Try our mild chili sauce and let its unique taste convince you. You will be amazed by the perfect balance between mild spiciness and sweetness that characterizes our sauce. Whether as a seasoning or as a main ingredient - it will take your dishes to a new level and offer you an incomparable taste experience.

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