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Venticello di Chili 105g

Venticello di Chili 105g

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The Venticello di Chili, which means Breeze of Chili. This chili sauce is very mild with a scoville of under 10.000 and perfect for those who love the taste, but not the spiciness.

The color of the chili sauce varies depending on the color of the chilies used. Therefore, the sauce can be either yellow or red and somethimes even green. It can be used for a variety of dishes from pasta, pizza, vegetables, dips, salad sauces or BBQs. But it can also be used in international cuisine to give dishes a mild, spicy note. Regardless of whether it is fruity, mild or fruity and spicy, this chili sauce is a real all-rounder and a must for everyone who loves the taste of chili, but not the spiciness.


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