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Tuscan Dragon

Sinfonia Piccante 105g

Sinfonia Piccante 105g

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The spicy chili mix with a Scoville between 50,000 and 150,000 is made from chilies from Italy. The spiciness of the chili sauce is perfectly balanced by the mixture of different types of chili from Tuscany, Calabria, Sicily or Sardinia. The aromatic notes of the chilies from Tuscany harmonize wonderfully with the intense spiciness of the chilies from Calabria. The sweet, fruity aromas of the chilies from Sicily and the slightly smoky note of the chilies from Sardinia round off the taste experience. The hot chili sauce is perfect for refining various dishes and gives them a spicy note. Try the chili sauce with pasta, pizza, marinades, dips or grilled meat and be surprised by the diverse range of flavors. Treat yourself to a spicy taste explosion with our unique chili sauce!

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