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Tuscan Dragon Chili

Trinidad Scorpion Yellow 105g

Trinidad Scorpion Yellow 105g

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The Trinidad Scorpion Giallo is one of the hottest chilis in the world, with its stunning Scoville value of 1.7 million that commands respect from even the bravest chili lovers. This extremely hot chili variety impresses not only with its heat, but also with its intense aroma and unique spiciness.

The harmonious combination of these high-quality ingredients made from fresh tomatoes from Tuscany, organic apple juice and apple cider vinegar from Montepulciano and garlic creates a unique flavor composition that underlines the spiciness of the Trinidad Scorpion Giallo and also offers a multi-layered taste experience. Enjoy this delicate yet fiery chili sauce with your favorite dishes and be surprised by the intense variety of flavors. Try its dark brother, the Trinidad Scorpion Cioccolato. A taste experience that will delight all the senses!

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