Collection: Organic apple juice

  • The sweet juice is not only very popular with families and children, but also delights adults and older people as a fruity drink between meals or as an accompaniment to meals. Professional juice plants on site have been guaranteeing the in-house sorting, pressing, bottling and sale of apple juice from the farm since 2004.

    Once the apples have blossomed, they are exposed to the forces of nature such as sun and heat, rain and hail, and even extreme weather changes. Despite the high quality of the apple, the value of the fruit on the market is sometimes affected by its aesthetics. However, in order to do justice to the high intrinsic value of the fruit, the decision was made to process some of the apples into juice.


    The beginnings of apple juice at Fontecornino go back a long way. The first homemade apple juice was bottled in the cellar of the organic farm in South Tyrol in the 1980s. The juice press was borrowed from a farmer friend, pressed by the family and immediately tasted by the family. The family used this first experience with the production of apple juice to produce apple juice professionally at Fontecornino years later.