C H I L I A T I T S B E S T !

Seite lädt, bitte warten.

Strada Comunale di Toiano 14, Palaia +39 340 959 26 73 chili@tuscan-dragon.com

About us

Chili with Tradition

Our family together with our dogs and cats moved to Tuscany from Switzerland in 2019. When we saw Podere I’Laghi it was love at first sight and we know that we wanted to grow old among the olive trees. Living in Tuscany is a privilege and every day we learn more about the land and the culture. As big chili lovers we started to explore growing chili on our property and it worked. Our chili is grown with love and dedication and we want to share this with you.

Our Values

We believe in the beauty of Tuscany. And this is reflected in our products – they are produced naturally, respecting nature and all its lovely creatures.

100% organic cultivation!

Our chillies are sown in January with seeds from all over the world ranging from 500 on the Scoville scale to the Carolina Reaper which is 2.2 million on Scoville. In May, when temperatures get warmer at night, the chillies are moved outside. Harvesting begins in June. Our chillies come from 100% organic cultivation.

Our Ingredients

Our chillies are made with fresh farm or local ingredients. All of our chillies contain garlic. Additional ingredients include balsamic vinegar and pumpkin seed oil to preserve the warm dark color of our dark chillies. Add apple cider vinegar and apple juice for the light chillies. The other ingredients are a secret, but it’s no secret that we add so much love!